Taylor Way

While Taylor believes that the lesbian community has come a long way into the respect that they deserve, he still thinks that there can never be enough voices to make the world hear those who are hiding in the dark because the society can still be not as accepting as they want it to be. Taylor has always been vocal regarding his support for the lesbian community, so aside from joining parade march, lesbian events, he decided to launch this website for his voice to be louder and be heard.

Taylor is a nurse by profession. When he was working for a hospital in Nebraska, he met a lot of lesbian friends whom he became super close with. They shared a lot of happy moments together until they became close enough for Taylor to learn what his lesbian friends are going through. He learned about the different types of discrimination that they face. Taylor just cared for them so much that he decided to join them whenever they attend gatherings to support the lesbian community. He volunteered whenever he can. He helped whenever he can.

He launched this website as a way for him to amplify his efforts in supporting his friends and the lesbian community. He writes articles to be their voice, to show the world they deserve respect, and to connect to other lesbians who are seeking for a place to feel loved and accepted.

Today, taylorverse.com receives thousands of daily visitors and support from the community.