How to Set Up a Sex Swing In Your Room?

People have invented many exciting and thrilling ways of having sex over the time. You may like to try all of them at according to your mood. However, some acts involve special equipments and a sex swing is one of them.

It is a type of harness created to make sexual intercourse more thrilling and enjoyable. One partner stays suspended on this swing while another moves freely to enjoy all the pleasure. There are many types and designs of sex swing. The most common one provides support for the buttocks, back, and legs to keep one partner suspended below the ceiling. You can easily adjust the position of this swing to enjoy in a much better way.

Why do you need a sex swing?

Sex swing might sound a new thing to many people. You may have seen it in some porn videos because it is an integral part of BDSM. It is basically designed to turn sexual intercourse into an effortless, exciting, and thrilling experience. You get better freedom to move while enjoying sex and you can try some demanding sex positions, which you cannot try in a normal way.

Couples who enjoy BDSM always use a sex swing. A person lying in the swing get no control over the situation and the dominant partner gets all the pleasure. You can use sex swing to enjoy anal, vaginal, cunnilingus, and fellatio sex.

This swing can also be helpful for people with physical disabilities or impairment. Men or women with disabilities fail to try certain sex positions. This swing offers them freedom to try things which they haven’t imagined to do before due to their disability. Try it once and it will become an essential part of your sex life.

Installing a sex swing in your room:

Sex swings have the potential to make sexual intercourse mesmerizingly enjoyable. People often get too exciting when they get one and they can’t wait to try one. That may also happen to you and you might fail to install perfectly in that excitement. Don’t let this thing puzzle you and learn how to set up your pleasure swing perfectly.

There are a few simple ways to hang a sex swing, which are as follows:

  • Installing a ceiling hook:

You need a ceiling hook in your bedroom if you want to suspend the sex swing below the ceiling. Hire a technician to install it if you don’t already have a ceiling hook in your bedroom. Now, you have to hang the sex swing directly on that ceiling hook. Experts consider it the safest way of setting up a sex swing.

This method does not require you to go through puzzling set-up instructions. You just need to assemble that pleasure swing and hang it on that ceiling hook. However, every person might not set up a sex swing in this way. Some tenants might find it daunting to agree their landlords for drilling a hole in the ceiling and installing a ceiling hook. That’s when other methods can be implemented.

  • Setting a sex swing on a stand:

You can set up a sex swing on a stand if you cannot drill a hole in the ceiling. This method is widely used by people, who usually do not trust the ceiling hook. Sex swing stands are quite durable and one of such stands would never damage your property ever. You can easily hide this stand in your bedroom, but it will require plenty of room to enjoy the sexual intercourse. You can setup your sex swing on a stand if you have plenty of free room in your bedroom. Or, try other options.

  • Wall to wall sex swing setup:

You need a dual hook love swing to set up on the walls. You will have to drill two hooks on two opposing walls and then you can hang your pleasure swing on those two hooks. Your partner can get suspended on those two hooks and then you can enjoy sex in any position you like.

  • Door to door setup:

There is not a big difference between wall to wall and door to door love swing setup. The dual hook love swing is hung over two opposing doors instead of walls. You can secure both hooks safely over the door and then enjoy the erotic play.

  • The pull bar setup:

It might sound a little weird, but you can actually use a swing bar to enjoy sexual pleasure. So, whether you are in a hotel room or in your own bedroom, you can enjoy BDSM or other styles of sex using a love swing. You should carefully check the weight limitations before using a pull bar. It won’t be a great experience if your partner fall down during the erotic play due to a weak pull bar.

  • Beam mount:

Your single hook sex swing can be suspended over a beam if you have an exposed beam in your bedroom. People rarely have such a structure in their bedrooms that’s why it is not a popular option.

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What type of sex positions you can try when using a sex swing?

You will definitely like to buy a sex swing after revealing the type of positions you can try in your love swing. It allows one partner to roam freely and another suspended. The person hanging in the swing cannot move and therefore the freely moving partner can try anything he or she can imagine. You try standing, leaning, sitting, 69, oral, lap dancing, straddling, and many other sex position on a sex swing.

Choosing the right sex swing:

Many companies produce sex swings. They claim to provide the most durable and versatile solution for your erotic demands. However, you should make sure it is comfortable, made of the most durable materials, and easy to hang and remove from the hooks. Ensure the retailer ships it with all the necessary attachments otherwise you might not enjoy your time with that pleasure swing. So, take care of these things and you will get the best sex swing to enjoy some unforgettable erotic moments with your partner.