7 Facts You May Not Know About LGBT Pride

June is Pride month, a time of celebration for the LGBT community worldwide. And every year, cities all around the world organize month-long festivities to commemorate and support sexual and gender minorities‘ liberation.

But how much do we really know about the history of this now-global phenomenon? Test your knowledge below:

1. Pride commemorates the Stonewall Inn riots.

In 1969, it was still illegal for LGBT people to meet in public places, and bars that catered to the LGBT community were regularly targeted by law enforcement. Homosexuality was still classified as a mental disorder by the American Psychological Association, and LGBT people were undergoing electroconvulsive therapy and being institutionalized for expressing themselves.

The night of the riot, patrons at the Stonewall Inn, a bar located in Manhattan’s West Village neighborhood, was full of its typical LGBT-friendly clientele. The police were aware that LGBT people frequented the bar and would …