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Give me money. That's what I want.
-- The Beatles

Did you miss your opportunity to buy swag because I haven't hit a convention in your area?
Or did you you sleep through my most recent appearance? (It's okay. I forgive you.) Regardless,
you can easily remedy the situation by plunking down your hard-earned dollars on any of my
books and comics here in the Taylorverse Online Store. 

And rest your worried little minds, shopping enthusiasts. This store is secured through PayPal.

If you are using this site to purchase items at a convention via credit card, please use the drop-down button below.
I will receive an instant email notificaton and you may then pick up your items from the table. 

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The Old Weird South
Published by Q&W Publishers
Features my story "To Gnaw the
Bones of the Wolf-Mother"
Amazon (Print) (Kindle) |
B& N (Print) (Nook) |
Smashwords | Q&W

Blood-Price of the Missionary's
Gold: The New Adventures
of Armless O'Neil

Published by Pulp Obscura/
Pro Se Pro Se Productions
Features my story "There's
Always a Woman Involved"
Amazon (Print) (Kindle) |
B&N (Print) (Nook) |

Zombies vs. Robots: This Means War
Edited by Jeff Conner
Published by IDW Publishing
Features my story "Farm Fresh"
Amazon (Print) (Kindle) | B&N (Print) (Nook) | IDW

The Ruby Files
Created by Bobby Nash and
Sean Taylor
Edited by Ron Fortier
Published by Airship 27 Productions
Features my story "Die Giftig Lilie"
Airship 27 Hangar | Amazon | Indy Planet

Show Me A Hero
By Sean Taylor
Published by New Babel Books
Features all my stories for Cyber Age
Adventures/iHero Entertainment
With an introduction by Dwayne McDuffie
Amazon | Smashwords eBook |
New Babel Books | B&N

Blackthorn: Thunder on Mars
Edited by Van Allen Plexico
Published by White Rocket Books
Features my apocalyptic sci-fi/
fantasy tale, "City of Relics"
Amazon | B&N


Lance Star: Sky Ranger Volume III
Edited by Ron Fortier
Produced by Airship 27, Published
by Cornerstone Book Publishers
Features my Lance Star novella
"Dance with the Devil"
Amazon | Indy Planet | B&N
Airship 27 Hangar

Dreams of Steam II: Brass and Bolts
Edited by Kimberly Richardson
Published by Kerlak Publishing
Features my steampunk tale
of murder and the dark arts,
"Death With A Glint of Bronze"
Amazon | B&N

Pro Se Presents #1
Edited by Tommy Hancock
Published by Pro Se Productions
Features my zombie tale of art
and love, "Art Imitates Death"
Amazon | Smashwords eBook

Gomer and Other Early Works
By Sean Taylor
Published by Createspace
Features my early short stories and poetry
Amazon | PDF eBook

Classics Mutilated
Edited by Jeff Conner
Published by IDW Publishing
Features my Alt.Lit mash-up of Snow
White, Alice in Wonderland and
Lovecraft ("The Fairest of Them All")
Amazon | B&N | IDW

Required Reading Remixed
Edited by Jeff Conner
Published by IDW Publishing
Features my Alt.Lit mash-up of Snow
White, Alice in Wonderland and
Lovecraft ("The Fairest of Them All")
Amazon | B&N | Wal-Mart

Edited by Stephen L. Antczak, James
C. Bassett and Martin H. Greenberg
Published by DAW/Penguins
Features my first published
zombie tale, "Posthumous"
Amazon | B&N

Gene Simmons Dominatrix TPB
By Sean Taylor, Flavio Hoffe,
and Esteve Poll
Published by IDW Publishing
Amazon | B&N | IDW

Golden Age Good Girls
Edited by Jer Alford
Published by Mini Komix
Features my Steam Bunny tale,
"Collector's Edition"
Lulu TPB | Lulu e-Book |
Drive-Thru Fiction E-book

H.G. Wells' The Invisible Man
Adapted by Sean Taylor
and Bhupendra Alhuwalia
Published by Campfire Graphic Novels
Campfire | Ave Comics e-Book |
Scribd e-Book | Amazon

All-Star Pulp Comics #1
Published by Airship 27
and Redbud Studios
Features my sequential short
story,"Slave to No Man,"
featuring The Blue Lady,
with art by James Ritchey III
Indy Planet

Gene Simmons House of Horrors TPB
Published by IDW Publishing
Features my sequential short story,
"Nymph," with art by John Alderink
Amazon | B&NIDW

Feline Force Special #1:
The Tantalizing Ti-Girl

By Sean Taylor and Willie Jimenez
Published by Mini-Komix
Drive-Thru Fiction e-Book

The Bad Girls Club:
An Illustrated Adventure

by Sean Taylor and Martheus Wade
Published by IDW Publishing
Preview online | IDW app (iTunes/PSP) |
Graphicly e-Book

Feline Force TPB
Published by Mini-Komix
Featuring my Tantalizing Ti-Girl
one-shot with Willie Jimenez
Lulu TPB | Lulu e-Book

Fishnet Angel: Jane Does #1-2 (set)
By Sean Taylor and JP Dupras
Covers by John Paul Leon
and Scott McCullar
Publishing by Shooting Star Comics
Order from Taylorverse

 Trap Dancing: The
Aym Geronimo Collection

Published by Geronimo Press
Featuring "Idol Hands" and "Idol Mine"
written by Sean Taylor and
John Morgan Neal and drawn by
JP Dupras and Todd Fox
Indy Planet e-Book | Indy Planet TPB

DC Universe Gotham
City Source Book

Published by DL6/Legend
Features my write-ups for key
Gotham City heroes and villains
aB&N | Amazon

book cover
Gomer and Other
Early Works
(eBook PDF)

My early prose and poetry from the time (before time began) when I hadn't yet penned my first comic book tale -- also known to my non-comics and superhero fans as "the good ol' days."

(Or buy the print version from Amazon here)

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issue 1 cover
Fishnet Angel: Jane Doe #1-2 Set
$8.00 (includes shipping)

In Fishnet Angel's first solo comic book miniseries, she's in for the fight of her life as she must face not only the loss of her memories and two doctors who seem to be hiding something important from her, but also must remember who she is in time to protect herself from a former lover who has returned from the Tyranian underworld with revenge on his mind. Get both issues of the Jane Doe series and own the set.

>>available now <<

Only $8.00
(includes shipping)

book cover
Warts and All...
Comic Scripts and Writing Tutorials

New Edition
Coming Soon!
Older Stuff Still
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