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Please save the image to your website as banner1.jpg, and please don't just reference link to the one here on my links page. (My bandwidth thanks you.) Then link either of these banners back with this code:

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These are a few of my favorite groups/charities, and I think they're worth a few minutes of your time, and perhaps a few dollars as well. So, please don't get in a hurry and just skip this section. Thanks.

St. Jude's Childrens Hospital
Fans for Christ - it's okay to be a geek (comics, anime, RPGs, goth, horror, fantasy, etc.) and a person of faith too
Reading Is Fundamental - encourages literacy among people all over the U.S.
Keep the Arts in Schools
Compassion International - provides food, clothing, and education for third world countries
First Book - Helps all children have books of their own.
Habitat for Humanity - provides housing for low-income families
Prevent Child Abuse
ASPCA - prevent cruelty to animals
QuitDay -  quit smoking for good

American Lung Association -- working toward a world without lung cancer

Comic Stores

If you run a store that carries my work and would like a link here, just ask, and I'll add you in the next update. I'm always happy to help promote the work of those promoting my work. I owe you big time.

Classic Comics Internet-based, Marietta, GA
Comickaze Comics and More
 San Diego, CA
Galactic Quest
 Lawrenceville & Buford, GA
Golden City Comics
 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

My Publishers/Books

Airship 27
Campfire Graphic Novels
Cornerstone Book Publishers
DAW/Penquin Books
Dark Oak Publishing
IDW Publishing
Lance Star: Sky Ranger
MAW Productions
New Babel Books
Pro Se Productions
Simmons Comics Group
The Ruby Files
White Rocket Books


3 Creative People (Nancy Hansen, Roger Stegman, Lee Houston Jr.)
Aaron Smith
Adam Garcia
Alex Segura
Amber Love
Andrea Judy
Andrew Nette (Pulp Curry)
Anthony Taylor
Armand Rosamilia
Barry Reese
Beau Smith
Beau Smith's Busted Knuckles
Bill Craig
Bill Cunningham
Billy Tackett
Bobby Nash
Carole Parker (That Killing Feeling))
Charis Taylor
Charles Boeckman
Christa Faust (Blog)
Christa Faust (Website)
Christopher Mills
Chuck Dixon
Chuck Miller
Chuck Wendig
Corrina Lawson
D. A. Adams
D. Alan Lewis
Dan Jolley
Danny Donovan
Dave Flora
David Boop
Derrick Ferguson
Devin Grayson
Don Gates
Don Thomas
Donald Miller
Donald Westlake
Douglas Klauba
Drew Geraci
Duane Spurlock
Dwight MacPherson
Ed Brubaker
Ed Erelac
Ed McBain
Elizabeth Donald
Erik Burnham
Francesco Francavilla (Art Blog)
Francesco Francavilla (Pulp Sunday)
Frank Fradella
Gail Simone
Guns, Gams, and Gumshoes (Colleen Collins and Shaun Kaufman)
Howard Hopkins
I.A. Watson
Jack Mackenzie
James Palmer
James Ritchey III
James Tuck
James Tuck (Word Whores)
Jason Flowers
Jeff Austin
Jeff Parker
Jim Beard
Joel Jenkins
John Chadwick
John Hartness
John Morgan Neal/Todd Fox
Joseph Love
Josh Reynolds
June Casagrande
Kelly Sue DeConnick
Kevin Rodgers
Kimberly Richardson
L. Andrew Cooper
Lance Stahlberg
Lee Houston Jr.
Lisa M. Collins
Mark Halegua
Mark Maddox
Martheus Wade
Martin Powell
Mat Nastos
Matt Adams
Michael Gordon
Michael Keller
Michael Oeming
Mike Bullock
Mike Henderson
Neil Gaiman
Paul Bishop
Paul Storrie
Percival Constantine
Pete Miller
Rachel Hunter
Ralph L. Angelo Jr.
Richard Lee Byers
Rob Davis
Robby Hilliard
Robert Freese
Rock Baker
Roland Mann
Ron Fortier
Sarah Beach
Scott McCullar
Scott Rogers
Selah Janel
Shane Berryhill
Shane Moore
Shelby Vick
Stefan Petrucha
Stephen Antczak
Stephen Zimmer
Steve Niles
Steven Cummings
Terrence McCauley
Tommy Hancock
Tyler Clair Smith
Van Allen Plexico
Vito Delsante
Wayne Reinagel
Wilfredo Torres
Win Scott Eckert


Ricardo Arreola
Robert Bavington
Kurt Belcher
Bob Burden
Erik Burnham
Mariano de la Torre
JP Dupras
Sam Ellis
Francesco Francavilla
Jason Flowers
Drew Geraci
Stephanie Gladden
Chris Hazelton
Donald Jackson
Willie Jimenez
Douglas Klauba
Richard Kohlrus
Casey Maloney
Nathan Massengill
Scott McCullar
Jeffrey Moy
Clayton Murwin
Rafael Navarro
Michelle Poust
Gordon Purcell
Loraine Sammy
Steve Scott
Louis Sollune
Oliver Tria
Wayne Vansant
Martheus and Janet Wade
Dwight Williams

News and Reviews

Ain't It Cool News
All Pulp
Ape Entertainment Blog
BEN Books
Blaxploitation Pride
Blog of Death
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Untold Stories from Iraq & Afghanistan: A Graphic Novel
Where Danger Lives
Wild Cat Books
Writer's Digest
Writers Dock
Z-7 Headquarters


Better in the Dark
Book Cave
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Comic Geek Speak
Comics Radar
Dial P for Pulp
Earth Station One
Exploding Typewriter
Fanboy Radio
Indie Spinner Rack
Marvel Podcasts
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White Rocket
Word Balloon


DJ Spider
Muley (and his *ahem* handler, Kevin Williams) also http://www.muleythemule.com
Samantha Newark
Daniel Emory Taylor